Monday, December 17, 2012

Buenos Aires Traffic

A lot of driving today reminded us of just how different traffic norms are here than in the US! I was once told that it's a bad idea to use a turn signal when you want to change lanes because it gives someone in the next lane a warning to speed up so you won't be able to get in front of them.

Especially going through Buenos Aires, there is a lot of traffic, and what to me seems pretty chaotic, with bicycles and motorcycles cutting through cars, buses, and trucks, which generally don't stay in any specified lane. Even 9 de Julio, famed as the widest street in the world, gets congested (pictured with the Obelisco in the background). I am SO glad Diego prefers to drive, although I would like to practice   using a manual shift once the opportunity presents itself.

All that was (maybe) worth it once we got to Sarki's, one of our favorite restaurants here. They serve falafel with a mystery sauce that always makes us overeat. Highly recommended for visitors to Buenos Aires in the mood for a change of pace for dinner!

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