Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Leftovers

Today everyone ate all the leftovers from last night's celebration, including the lost dog, until the owner came to collect her this afternoon. It was much cooler and more comfortable so we spent most of the day sitting around and eating, with a nap, I mean a movie, thrown in the middle. Most of the family joined us again for the day but unfortunately we're still left with many tupperwares of food!

It's back to work tomorrow morning. I made 4 mini-loaves of banana bread this morning but they were all eaten so fast I didn't get any pictures. All the requests for treats from our bakery "Cooki" we had going here a few years ago and the fun I have making food have left me wanting to spend all day with food and open a bakery or restaurant, but I think I better get back to focusing on a programming project.


  1. Oh, I love the clean white feel of the decor!

    1. We can thank Diego's mom Graciela for that! It is really pretty but also requires a lot of floor mopping :S