Saturday, December 15, 2012

Family Time

Today we swam in the pool, played tennis, and spent time with family. We did serve the plant burgers from my last post and here is Diego's dad's reaction:
Argentine Juan Carlos Lorden, who says food here is pretty basic since the food culture comes from cowboys barbequeing, thinks that vegan food is something rather new and strange. But he says that he would eat the plant burgers from today's lunch because they tasted good even though he's not used to those flavors.

He says he thinks this trip is a little crazy, that we left everything to go around the world, but that it's a valuable thing to do.
Tonight we used pre-pizzas (a very common product in Argentina), already baked pizza dough that you can buy at bakeries, supermarkets, and convenience stores, add cheese and toppings, and heat in the oven. Pizza with the cashew cheese was a different texture for sure but worked for us.

Today is Diego's parents' 34th wedding anniversary! We wish them 34 more happy and eventful years!

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