Thursday, January 10, 2013

Argentina Summary

Argentina will be remembered as hot, but really a lot of fun. We had the advantages of a homestay with a private room (!) and a car, a lot of friends to see and family to share things with, and a support network I don't think we'll find in any other countries on our trip. It has it's share of structural issues, the thorniest of which on our trip was the government's insistence on an official exchange rate for dollars to pesos of 4.95 while the actual market rate is 7.25 (these numbers change daily or even hourly, adding to the confusion). But for me enemy #1 was, as usual, the mosquitoes. There are not a lot of bugs in Buenos Aires but moving outside of it, in summer, I found long clothing, repellant, and a bed net helpful (though for most Argentines that would be considered rather drastic).

It was, of course, really helpful to speak the language and understand Argentine culture to make the most of our visit. I have never experienced many of Argentina's most popular tourist sites/activities; maybe someday when we're showing others around (anyone reading want to visit Argentina? Tell us when!).

Food was okay, with breads of all kinds, fresh pastas, and water-based ice cream being highlights. We found costs to be in some cases below, but on many things not very different from prices in the US.

Overall we really had a great time there because of the people we saw, so thank you for your hospitality:
Graci Graci and Cachito
Romina and Lucas
Mati, Sheila and family
Facu and Noelia
Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, extended family and all our other wonderful friends who are too many to list!

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  1. Gracias a ustedes por este tiempo compartido. Lo mejor para este viaje. Que lo disfruten mucho. Los quiero!!! Romi