Friday, January 4, 2013

Friends and Code

The last few days we continued working through the paperwork to get Argentina to recognize our marriage.. not fun! But we also visited friends, played tennis, and worked on personal projects. I got my first mobile app to show up on an Android device using PhoneGap, after significant difficulty getting the development system set up properly (for others' reference, this was the most helpful guide I found, with this being nice but older). I won't try actually publishing this Hello World test anywhere, but I know once I've built something I'll have to deal with those steps which I'm sure won't be as easy as they first appear :)

Today we're spending most of the day at our friends Facundo and Noelia's apartment, where Diego and Facundo will supposedly get an improved version of a side project they started a while ago up and running, but so far they've mostly been playing with the tiny kitty Facundo rescued from the street!

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