Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last of Argentina!

We've been around home the last few days, enjoying some of our favorite things in Argentina before we leave today. I baked banana bread muffins, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and blueberry muffins, at Diego's mom Graciela's request on her birthday today. We had dinner and went out with our friend Matias and his family, and their awesome dogs! We played one of our favorite games, TEG (Techniques and Strategies of War) and conquered the world with Diego's family. We went bowling and, unfortunately, had to go to Walmart to find peanut butter. We drove through a protest on the highway, a fairly regular event where a group wanting to get attention will physically block main streets to cause traffic headaches -- this time it was by the workers of the toll station, itself a traffic annoyance!

But mostly, we swam in the pool, ate ice cream, turned on the air conditioner, and did anything else we could think of to not be so hot!

Yesterday for Graciela's birthday, first Diego and I made a raw-vegan wraps lunch (see pic of my veggie art), then we went to a Greek restaurant called Mykonos in Buenos Aires for a cenashow, dinner with some sort of performance. In this case it was Greek dancing and plate-breaking, which we happily participated in! Since it was also our last day in Argentina, we packed up our things for our flight this morning. It's our first time leaving with just our backpacks and our first travels on our round the world ticket, so an exciting time.

CURRENTLY: Hudson, Argentina
UP NEXT: Santiago, Chile (planned 4 days)

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