Friday, April 12, 2013

Veggie Vienna

In Vienna, we found a gorgeous place full of music and, surprisingly, vegans! From the moment we got to the airport we saw and heard how music is such a big part of the life and culture of the city. But it's also a contemporary place, with industry surrounding the city and a main shopping street running through it with all the top international brands.

After buying some extra layers for the cold weather, we headed out to explore the city center, with many historic buildings and plazas. On the way we stopped at a tasty vegan buffet, Xu's Cooking, that was bustling with people.

Next was the Haus der Musik, which you can probably guess is an interactive music museum. It was interesting to learn both about the science of how we listen to music and the history of Vienna's famous composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and many more). A recommended stop if you're in the area!

We discovered that Vienna also offers the always-popular diskonter, or dollar store. For a more traditional shopping experience we visited the open-air market, split into a flea market with everything you can imagine available to buy, and a food section where we snacked our way through collecting ingredients for a fresh pasta dinner.

Speaking of food, a highlight of our experience was visiting a vegan wine tasting event we found on Meetup, where we met a friendly group of Austrians and expats. We made plans with a few new friends to drive to a farming town a little outside of Vienna which has a somewhat famous vegan restaurant, Schillinger's. It was worth the trip! So much fun to try traditional Austrian food (basically meat and potatoes with cream and butter!) made vegan and see the idyllic countryside on the way.

Vienna was a surprise favorite location on our trip so far, and we really look forward to visiting it again!

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